About Us

We are a small Australian owned and founded loose leaf herbal tea business based in Orange, Central NSW.  Our brand was designed to create more awareness about stress and how we can manage it. We are all about living a stress free life and implementing this through our hand-crafted herbal teas.

The idea for a stress relief tea brand developed in 2019 after many years of working within the health & fitness industry. Understanding that stress is the cause of many unhealthy diets and mindsets. 

In 2020 our founder completed a course in Medicinal Herbal Remedies. Giving her a vast insight into herbs and their benefits.  

We focus on creating tea blends to assist with a stress free life.  Hand-crafted and perfected blends full of amazing benefits.  We do all the blend designs, selecting herbs, setting quantities, mixing herbs, packaging the tea and get them ready to sell. We do NOT use another company to mix our blends or pick a tea blend and slap our logo on it.

Our herbs are sourced through Australian companies with track records of sourcing the highest of quality.

Our tea blends have been designed to give you a calming sensation and relaxation. Through our specific tea blends allow yourself to become tranquil and stressfree.



Through research and experience in the health, fitness, yoga and wellbeing industry we have found that stress and anxiety is at an all time high in today's society.  We have developed a passion for wanting to help those who are experience stress within their day.  

We hope you enjoy our tea blends as much as we do.  We are excited for you to start your journey to a stressfree life.