Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions or queries you may have through our contact us page.

How much do I get per tube?

Each tube is 100grams of loose leaf tea.

How many cups of tea can I get from one tube?

Roughly between 60-80 depending on the blend.

How much loose leaf tea do I put per serving?

We recommend 1 tea spoon per 250ml (1 Cup) of boiling hot water.

What if I can't tell my kettle temperature and don't know when it is 80 degrees Celsius?

Do not stress at all, this is a recommendation. 

Why do you sell loose leaf tea?

Sustainability is a big factor. Also, our tubes can hold loose leaf tea without requiring plastic.

Do you offer tea bags?

No we do not as of current. In time when we find sustainable tea bags we will let you know.

Do you use external companies to mix and package your tea?

No! We source all our herbs from Australia companies with high quality standards and do our own mixing/packing.  It is important to us that we stick to who we are and provide a product hand-crafted by us.

Can I return my tubes?

Please visit our returns policy page for more information: Click Here

Why does my Hormonal Cravings blend look like it has less than the others?

This is based on the net weight of 100g. The hormonal cravings blend does not contain large leaf herbs which make the fullness not as predominant as the other blends.